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Wednesday, November 1:
Amended Child Protective Services Law: How it Affects You
Presented by Kimberly M. Colonna, Chair, Education Law Group, McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC

The webinar will address the amendments to Pennsylvania’s Child Protect Services Law (CPSL) that expanded the requirements for background checks to be conducted on individuals who work or volunteer in capacities that involve contact with minors. The presentation will address the way the law defines who has to obtain background checks, the new kinds of background checks that are required, and the time periods for the background checks to be renewed. Examples of the types of community organizations and employment positions that are affected by the background check requirements will be provided. Guidance issued by state agencies regarding the Amended CPSL will also be discussed. The program will also touch on the CPSL’s training requirements regarding child abuse and child abuse reporting requirements. The program will also offer a list of resources where additional information and training can be obtained.

Amount: $50.00

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