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Court reporting and captioning students represent the future of the profession, and PCRA wants to help our students be the very best reporters in the nation! If you are a current reporting student or considering a career in court reporting, this page features information that may be helpful as you embark on this exciting career opportunity!

Check out these videos about the benefits of becoming a court reporter today.

Do you want to become a court reporter or captioner? The following links will tell you how to make that dream a reality.

Click here for an in depth description of the profession, earning potential, its history and the future of the industry.

Interested in the types of jobs you can target once you graduate? Click here!

Looking for court reporting programs in Pennsylvania? Pennsylvania is home to some of the best court reporting schools in the nation! For a complete list, click here!

Check out this helpful page on Facebook:   "Encouraging Court Reporting Students" at  With over 2000 members comprised of students, instructors, newbies and seasoned court reporters, you'll find motivation and inspiration when you need it most.

Free Online Dictation Practice Site

Linda Fisher, a reporter from New York, developed a website for students and reporters alike that provides downloadable dictation, online. It has dictation ranging in speed from 40 to 230 words per minute. The best part of all - it’s free! Just pick your speed, click, and go. It’s perfect for reporters practicing for the national certifications such as the RPR, RMR, or CRR, and for students practicing for state certifications.

For dictionary building, there’s a link to word lists dictated at slow speeds. You can print out the text of the words or write them as they’re dictated. The word lists include frequent words, medical suffixes, economic terms, states and their capitols, genetic terms, legal terms, and countries. You just never know when Zimbabwe might come up. If it does, voila…’re covered.

Check it out here

Financial Aid Sites for Students

Below are sources of financial aid. These links are not associated with PCRA and are provided only as a resource.


Federal Government Description and Job Outlook of the Industry


Stories about Potential Earnings as a Court Reporter

Legal Careers (Court Reporting) from

10 High paying Jobs

10 Surprising Six Figure Jobs

Surprising Salaries Jobs



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